Skate World Better

We are a non-profit organization building skateparks around Africa

On a mission to support kids and young adults in Africa through skateboarding.

Do you know what 's going on?
Health issues
91 % of the world’ s HIV - positive children live in Africa.
Poor education
Every second (51%) in the age group from 6 to 14 years is out of school.
72% of the youth population live with less than $2 a day.
Youth bulge
In some countries around 50% of the population are 15 years and younger.
What we do

As skateboarders we do what we know the best

We build skateparks, we bring boards, we come up with educative activities and we share good times!

As a bunch of skaters we know how this sport is powerful in creating a community. We believe that this aspect can be the key to sustainable help. Especially regarding younger generations.
See how we helped


People in Africa are under 25 years

Founded in 2018, our first build took place in 2019. We relocated from Copenhagen to Prague pushing towards new and exciting projects.

Establishment of SWB
We founded SWB in Copenhagen as a university project.
First skatepark
We built one skatepark in Maxaquene, Mozambique
Second skatepark
Then we built second skatepark in Khongolote, Mozambique
Moved to Prague and we are preparing our next project in Swaziland.

Some cool moments

Doing this, it is not just great times spent in Africa, but also hours and hours of planning and meetings. These are some great moments and stories that we experience on the way to all of this.

When we go on projects

What others say about us


These are our first two projects in Mozambique

We have built one park in the centre of the city accessible to everyone. The second is on the very edge of the city with virtually zero places for kids to play on.

Maxaquene skatepark

Khongolote skatepark

And we could not have done it without our partners