What went down in Maputo?

Mozambique was our very first project. It took place in late 2019 and 36 international volunteers from around the world were present, many of them united under the amazing organization Wonders Around The World. We managed to build two skateparks, one in the center and one on the edge of the city of Maputo. Further we have brought 40+ boards to the two organizations we supported, namely ASM and Maputo-Skate.

Two skateparks
Both are concrete, both have an adjacent center with all facilities, both host events of all kinds and regular skate classes. One of the parks also became a facility for the nearby S.O.S. Chilldren’s Village.
Sharing boards
We brought more than forty boards, from a wheel to a griptape. We divided it between the two skateparks for kids to share. And they do!
Skateboarding champ
One of the kids is a real prodigy. His name is Noel Cossa and he is 14. Soon after we left he was taken on a African championship held in Angola and ended 3rd. But now he has a place to practice, so let’s see next time!

Why did we go to Maputo?

It was our first option when we were still students. We were interested in the Lusophone world and Mozambique was still without a skatepark, so we decided to change it.

The children

Around 46% of the population in Mozambique is 14 and younger, a typical case of a youth bulge.

The situation

Mozambique still belongs among the poorest countries of the world. Development of sport is definitely not on the first place on the priority list.

The education

Many of the children do not even have the opportunity to go to school. We wanted to build a place of gather, where other activites can take place, educative endeavor among them.

The skate scene

Believe it or not, there is a lot of kids who love skateboarding. They were skating old boards and rusty spots, which was not exactly safe. Streetskating is genuine, but it is always good to learn in the park.

These are the lovely
skateparks that we did

Skate park Maxaquene

Maxaquene is among the central districts of Maputo. It is residential but close to the beach and nearby restaurants and bars. It is easily accessible by anyone, the kids of Maputo and the skateboarders passing by.

Skate park Khongolote

Khongolote is on the very edge of the city. It is quite hard to get there from the centre, but the spirit of this place is beyond belief. It is in an area absolutely lacking any place for children to play, so the skatepark just hit the spot.

Have fun watching the video
about construction of the skatepark


Some cool moments

Here are a few pictures from the journey, from the process and the results of our work. Should you be interested in having one printed on your wall, just let us know! Read the assessment on corruption in Mozambique put together by Martin Loužecký, the founder of SWB, as his diploma work here.