What will we do in Mbabane?

Mbabane is a beautiful city in the mountains and we plan to build the skatepark in a public park in the middle of the city. We want to go down later in 2022, bring many skateboards with us for the local kids and form a team of international volunteers with whom we will build a multifunctional 350 square meters big skatepark feasible for cultural events, gatherings, BBQ and so on. We plan to engage with other NGO’s who would carry out their anti-HIV activities based on our work.

Public skatepark
We have obtained a public land of 350 square meters. A historic, non-functional miniramp stands on that land and we plan to work it in the new concrete skatepark with all elements of a modern skatepark.
Combating HIV
HIV is a really big issue in Swaziland. Our plan is to help to prevent from this deadly dissease through seminars and events taking place in the skatepark.
Creating a public hub
Given the nature of the location the skatepark will serve perfectly as a place of public gatherings, BBQ, open air concerts, seminars, workshops and so on.

Why do we want to go to Mbabane?

We took a trip to Mbabane after we finished our first project in Mozambique and we just fell in love with the local nature, atmosphere and the community. We engaged in some planning and here we go.

The children

Swaziland is not an extreme case of the youth bulge phenomenon, but it has still a high percentage with 38% of population below 14 compared to average 15% in Europe.

The HIV rate

WHO claims that 61% of the deaths are caused by HIV. Swaziland has the highest prevalance in the world, unfortunately even among children.

The skate scene

The skateboarding scene has been growing in Mbabane for few years now. They skate on parking lots showing some good skills and they deserve a real park.

The culture

Not that culture is dead in Swaziland, but this skatepark has an amazing potential to host events for individuals and families being on the open space.

This is the design of the park

Coronation skatepark

The skatepark is located in a so-called Coronation Park, which is the biggest public park in Mbabane. It is right by an existing sporting area with tennis courts and public facilities. The skatepark will be easily accessible to anybody as it is located in the middle of the city. It will be public and open all day long, but the activities will be carried out by a local organization - Liswati Skate.

Some cool moments

Here are a few pictures from a trip to Swaziland, last year and from the preparation process. Should you be interested in having one printed on your wall, just let us know!